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Electron Beam Evaporator
Called the Plassys, the evaporator bombards a target anodewith an electron beam given off by a charged tungsten filament under high vacuum. The electron beam causes atoms from the target to transform into the gaseous phase. These atoms then precipitate into solid form, coating everything in the vacuum chamber (within line of sight) with a thin layer of the anode material.
Dilution Refrigerators
The Hatlab's core consists of two Oxford dry dilution refrigerators, affectionately known as Cool Runnings and Texas, which host our quantum experiments at a brisk 10 mK. Texas is equipped with 24 input lines and 8 output lines, and Cool Runnings is equipped with 36 input and 8 output lines, allowing us to cool a number of experiments in parallel.
Room temperature control electronics
We use custom-programmed, FPGA-based control and readout electronics to generate, record, and act on quantum signals from our devices. These electronics are combined with microwave generators, mixers, amplifiers, filters, switches, and more to create precise controls, with pulse durations ranging from 10 ns to many ms to create rapid qubit gates and measurements while not degrading our quantum hardware's coherence.